HLB reaffirms commitment as Official Supervisor for PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2024 series

May 2024

BANGKOK — HLB International returns as the Official Supervisor for the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2024 gala series, spanning 13 markets from the Chinese territories to Southeast Asia and Australia, including the Grand Final where these markets vie for the “Best In Asia” title. Since 2020, HLB has been a dedicated supporter of the Asia Property Awards series. Leveraging its extensive experience in monitoring contests and award systems globally, HLB is responsible for overseeing the entire judging process. For four years, they have collaborated with the independent panel of judges to ensure fair and ethical judging. Their unwavering support has highlighted exceptional talent and driven excellence in the industry.

To explore this successful partnership further, the editors of Property Report by PropertyGuru spoke with the Chief Growth Officer of HLB, Ms. Coco Liu:

How does your four-year partnership with the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, as the Official Supervisor, align with your company’s strategic goals and values in the real estate industry?

As the Official Supervisor for the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, HLB is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and excellence in the real estate industry. Our partnership with the Awards aligns with our company’s strategic goals and purpose. We believe in building a culture of professionalism and innovation within the real estate sector to create a positive, sustainable impact.

In this role, how do you envision your company contributing to diversity and inclusion in the real estate sector, and how will this show in your involvement with the Awards?

In terms of diversity and inclusion, we see our involvement with the Awards as an opportunity to promote these values within the real estate sector. By ensuring fair and unbiased judging processes, providing equal opportunities for all participants, and celebrating diversity in real estate projects, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive industry.

As for sustainability and responsible development, what measures is your company implementing to align with the Awards’ mission, showcasing dedication to excellence not only in performance but also in social and environmental responsibility?

Sustainability and responsible development are top concerns for us, and we are actively implementing measures to align with the Awards’ mission in this regard. This includes promoting sustainable building practices, encouraging the use of eco-friendly materials, and supporting projects that prioritize social and environmental responsibility. By showcasing dedication to excellence not only in performance but also in social and environmental impact, we aim to set a new standard for responsible development in the real estate sector.

Are there particular services from your company that winners of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2024 might find particularly interesting?

Winners of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2024 may be interested in our full range of advisory services, which include financial, tax, and sustainability consulting tailored to the needs of the real estate industry. Through our team of global leaders and experts, we can help winners optimize their operations, manage risks, and enhance their overall performance in line with industry best practices.

Looking ahead, what specific aspects of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2024 are you most excited about?

As a top eight global advisory and accounting network with over 1,000 offices in nearly 160 markets, HLB is sharing our connections and resources to help PropertyGuru achieve strategic expansion into new markets. We are helping Asia Property Awards bring their values to the Middle East, starting from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


About PropertyGuru Group

Established in 2005, the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards is known as the longest-running real estate awards programme of its kind in Thailand. The PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards originated the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards series, which has expanded over the years to cover 18 dynamic real estate markets, including Australia, the Chinese territories, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka.

As the Official Supervisor of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, a representative from the local HLB office will be involved in all stages of the judging process to ensure that everything and everyone abides by the standards, from reviewing completed entry forms to participating in all judges’ meetings, to joining virtual or physical site inspections, and approving the final results.

About HLB

HLB is a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms. We have a history of innovation, collaboration and are dedicated to helping clients grow across borders. Through the power of 46,755 professionals across 157 countries, we combine local expertise and global capabilities to service your needs.

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